Our Process

Your success stems from our disciplined, multi-phase investment process. Through the use of proprietary analysis we have created a process that includes relative strength with a strict sell discipline that allows us to be properly allocated across multiple asset classes. We are where we need to be when we need to be there.  Our process includes:

    • Active, Tactical Asset Management
    • Global Market Analysis
    • Ability to Move Fully into Any Asset Class, Including Cash
    • Downside Management

Our process starts and end with risk management.

Longview Global Allocation Strategy

The Longview investment process is driven by relative strength, enabling us to identify fundamental trends and changes in the economic environment. Our process allows us to be properly allocated across multiple asset classes, sectors, capitalizations and styles. Our mandate allows us to change our portfolio’s construction, based on the changing realities of the global markets.

The Longview Global Allocation Strategy has the ability to add uncorrelated sources of alpha, increasing performance, while reducing overall risk.